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27 December 2010

WINZ Newsletter, Issue No 9

Welcome to the ninth edition of our newsletter, hoping to find you in good health at this festive moment. Please enjoy.

Argentinean Writer visits Zimbabwe

Carlos Gamerro, author and translator from Argentina, and Victoria Noorthoorn, an independent curator from the same country, gave a talk about critical enquiries and curatorial practices respectively at the National Art Gallery today December 27 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. 

The programme was dubbed "Reflections from Contemporary South America". 

Gamerro mainly dwelt on his first novel Las Islas (The Islands) which deals with the war fought between Argentina and Britain some time back. He read extracts from this novel, explaining what the war (known as the Falklands War) meant to the Argentinean people.
Gamerro, who writes mainly in Spanish, said in Las Islas he wanted to tell the lies and the truth about war, thereby merging history and fiction. He said he was so touched by interviews he held with the young boys who participated in the war whose strategic plan was a disaster.
Las Islas will be published in England in 2012 as The Islands by a publisher called And Other Stories Press.

Noorthoorn, who is preparing for the 11th Biennale de Lyon in France, spoke at length about her works in the previous years around the world. Noorthoorn urged artists not to tackle stereotypical issues but to explore and bring in new ideas to their works.
"It is hard to produce or create from a place outside oneself," she said.
Her concept of originality was supported by local author Blessing Musariri who said that even in writing writers have tended to believe that anything negative sells.
Noorthoorn touched on the problems faced by curators around the world, including censorship.
This event was attended by various visual and literary artists who were interested in how best they can bring new aspects to their kind of art.

Gamerro was born in Buenos Aires in 1962. Apart from his first book, he has published El sueno del senor juez, El secreto y las voces, La aventura de los bustos de Eva and short story collection called El libro de los afectos raros. He has also written criticism and translated into Spanish Graham Greene's A World of One's Own, W.H Auden's The Dyer's Hand, Harold Bloom's Poetry and Repression and many others. 

The programme "Reflections from Contemporary South America" was the third edition of the National Art Gallery's Harare Conversations, a platform created for the exchange and discussion on diversity of issues relevant to global contemporaries.

With Harare Conversations, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe aims to "reengage the local and international art community" by providing for local artists to dialogue with international artists.

Win-Zimbabwe mull integrating mbira group

Hatineti Mbira Crew at the Writers’ End of Year Get Together, 11 December

Win-Zimbabwe will next year consider integrating Hatineti Mbira Crew so that the group provides traditional entertainment at all Win-Zimbabwe functions, adding an important dimension to the way the association will conduct itself.

The Epworth-based group put up an impressive performance at the Book Café during the Writers’ End of Year Get-Together two weeks ago. Although they played for a short time and were not able to do their farewell slot at the end of the programme due to time constraints, they proved a force to reckon with.

Having mbira at writers’ functions has proved to be a cultural way of getting into the mood for anything that writers want to do. Mbira is also good background music for poetry performances, which are part of the writers’ world.
Later on, it would be possible to produce a Win-Zimbabwe Poetry CD/DVD with mbira music as its exclusive background.

Currently Christopher Mtetwa (far left in the picture), who is also involved in various national AIDS awareness campaigns, leads the group.

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