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21 December 2010


Reviewing all our posts on this Blog, and what we have managed to accomplish, is a delight. A delight in that we did all we can with the little from our pockets that we had, sometimes taking from our families' budgets. The Blog carries the real story of Win-Zimbabwe, 'a slow, honest, gripping melody'. The networking and learning was good for us as a growing association.  We have come this far because of the dedication to literature development, a dedication that characterises Zimbabwean writers and colleagues who gave a nod to our desperate knocking as we looked for a chance to be ourselves. We know we were not able to reach out to all of you because of the afore-said constraint but we always believed that you were with us in spirit. In fact, many of you bombarded us with emails  wishing you were here with us to attend to our goal-oriented activities. We love you all.
Win-Zimbabwe is never a false dream, but a challenge for us to explore the real position of a writer in society. And no matter how the writer looks, scruffy or tidy, he/she receives from Above, if at all he/she is a writer. Our minds as writers connect to the Great Consciousness, a gigantic store of knowledge only accessible to those to whom the 'insanity' is given, the insanity to be whoever you want to be, weaver of words. A long road awaits us all who are only armed with nothing but this little it...writing. It does not pay to write, worse when its poetry, and yet some of us rush to that which is but a desert. The reason for pursuing our dreams as aggresively as such is because we were born to create palaces in the desert of money, where there is no rain we make rain, where there is no grin we make green and pave the landscape of the heart with words, birds, music, silence, a movement, in the trees. We build life where there is death. Such is our character, but we are only human.
Parents, teachers, community leaders, friends and relatives, must indeed understand that all the social ills we face in society can be solved through reading and writing. This is a craft (and a culture) only left as cure for the poverty threatening to tear our Africa apart.
Indeed, it has been a wonderful year working with you all.
For 2011, we leave it to Almighty, for only him can bless our road. But blessed we were, and blessed we remain.
We would like to wish you all a

HAPPY XMAS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, and remember to buy a book by a local writer as an Xmas gift for your loved ones. May God bless you.

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