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04 December 2010


Virginia Phiri (pictured)– “My Job is to Write”

Phiri will be presenting a paper titled “Writing – Eyes, Ears, and Mouth” on the day of the writers’ year-end get together. Born in 1954, she has published three novels, namely, Desperate, Destiny, and the latest Highway Queen. Together with other members of the Zimbabwe Women Writers, she participated in the project commissioned by UNICEF (1994) of writing readers for primary schools. These readers contained biographies of prominent women occupying unusual jobs, such as pilots, bus drivers, medical doctors, and painters. She has contributed to several anthologies published by ZWW. In 2003, she participated in the Book Fair in Prague (Czech Republic). Virginia Phiri is also an orchid expert and an orchid, “Polystachia Phirii”, was named after her. (taken from We hold on to the word of Lizard, Alena Rettova, 2004)). This is a brief sketch of Virginia 's bio, she has done a lot in supporting the cause of female Zimbabwean writers.

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