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07 December 2010


Tinashe Muchuri - The ' Haiku' poet of Zimbabwe

He needs no introduction to those who have frequently attended the arts festivals and workshops around Zimbabwe. Muchuri's performance has won him a battalion of young enthusiasts who one day dream of making it to the higher shining stages like HIFA, SADC Poetry Festivals, and many others; stages which Muchuri has already reached. He has helped groom some of them at his free time. His poetry has appeared in various international poetry journals such as Rattlesnake, Illuminations and a Shona anthology called Jakwara reNhetembo published by Mambo Press. Muchuri is also an actor, having had a role in the local soap Tiriparwendo, produced by Aaron Chiunduramoyo, a well known author and actor. Also known as Mutumwapavi, Muchuri will speak about the need for training young poets as a cultural imperative. Drawing from his experience as a poet, he will enlighten the Get Together on the benefits of preserving talent, and we are guaranteed of a one or two dynamic renditions from him.

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