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03 October 2012

WIN Newsletter, Issue No 58


WIN's iniatives are mainly targeted at schools and out-of-school aspiring writers and poets. We are so glad that we are gradually capturing the new aspiring writers with the support of parents, teachers and guardians. Manuscripts being submitted for assessment by these new writers from across Zimbabwe give the strongest conviction that untapped writing talent exists in our country and WIN shall not tire to do all it can to realize the dreams of these young  authors. Congrats for the umpteenth time to all winners in different categories of our inaugural writing competition. We also would like to congratulate Violette Kee-Tui for grabbing this year's Yvonne Vera Award at the Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo. This newsletter summarises a point, that if you are a writer, the secret to winning is reading. We urge unpublished writers to read as much as they can. WIN has reading material at its partner's office, that is, the Global Arts Office and at its outreach office in Epworth. We are grateful to individuals and organisations that have donated books to us in recognition of the work we are doing. Should you need a different book to read, at least join the WIN family and launch yourself to informed higher levels of creativity. We hope this issue brings you closer and closer to the pool of literary knowledge and information. Thank you,

Beaven Tapureta
Founder & Director


Bilaal Writers’ Club (at Bilaal Islamic Academy) in Domboramwari, Epworth, the first school writers’ club to be launched in Epworth under WIN’s community outreach programme,  this term begins its weekly meetings expected to sharpen writing skills of its members.
The club patron Mrs. Tapureta, who also teaches at the academy, said the membership is growing as students are finding it helpful to affiliate to the club to improve their language skills.
She said one of first tasks of the club will be to elect a club committee and come up with relevant activities.
One of the writers’ club members Panashe Banda, won 2nd Prize in the WIN/GAT 2012 Short Story Writing Competition in the English Category. 
Another unpublished writer, Supa Mafuta, who lives in Epworth, won 2nd Prize in the competition’s Shona language category and this only confirms the talent in Epworth.
Ali Simbi, who also scooped a prize in WIN/GAT Short Story Writing Competition, has relocated to Epworth and is eager to see Epworth Branch grow.
WIN embarked on the Outreach Programme in February this year to help unpublished writers and poets in the Epworth community develop their writing talents and introduce platforms to showcase these talents. The program also aims to provide reading resources and promote reading culture.
Bilaal Writers' Club Patron Mrs. Tapureta whose passion for promoting young writers in Epworth is immeasurable

Some members of the Bilaal Writers' Club pose with their patron Mrs. Tapureta, a teacher at Bilaal

Bilaal Writers Club, Epworth

Supa Mafuta shows his certificate and book prize at WIN's Office in Epworth; he is one of the winners in the 2012 writing competition

Supa posing next to the loaded book shelf at WIN's office in Epworth

 ...the skills training workshop may have lapsed in  the past but its memories are still fresh...

 Mrs. Nonhlanhla Siziba from Mazowe, author of A Timeless Marriage also attended the workshop to learn more about short fiction writing.

 Portfer Gwengweni, an upper six student at Mt Pleasant High, Harare, won 3rd Prize in the WIN/GAT Writing Competition (English Category)

 David Major from Norton displays his Certificate of Participation


 The Cultural Centre at Spanish Embassy in Zimbabwe has resumed its Book Club activities after a lull likely to have been caused by the death of the then Ambassador Pilar Fuertes Ferragut, in April and transference of its two diplomats, Victoria Tur Gomez and Marina Garcia, to other countries a few months later.
According to an invitation sent to writers, the Book Club, launched in March this year to motivate critical reading of creative works through focused discussions on monthly basis, will meet at the Culture Centre next week October 16, 2012, at 5pm to discuss Memory Chirere’s award winning  books Tudikidiki and Toriro and His Goats.
At the last meeting some months ago, the Book Club discussed Lawrence Hoba’s short story collection The Trek and Other Stories and also touched on Dorothy Chanakira’s A Mother’s Desire.
The revival of the Book Club’s monthly meetings will no doubt add to the growing frequency of various writers’ meetings being organized in Harare to provide writers with opportunities for exchange of ideas and literary information
The Cultural Centre is situated at 16 Phillips Avenue (off 2nd Street), Belgravia, Harare, and those who wish to attend Book Club monthly meetings can contact Romee Fisher at the following email


The late Zimbabwean writer Yvonne Vera

Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo has announced this year’s winner of The Yvonne Vera Award for short story writing. This year’s winner is Violette Kee-Tui with her short story Tattered Cloth. The short story was judged the best out of 81 short stories submitted this year. The Intwasa Short Story Competition is an annual event organised by Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo. Violette Kee-Tui’s Tattered Cloth faced stiff competition from Sipho Mpofu’s A Congenial Man and Nixon Nembaware’s The Rain God of Nyatanga Hill.  For her efforts Violette Kee –Tui won $500. The Yvonne Vera Award is supported by Hivos and the Norwegian Embassy and seeks to promote and honour creative writing, particularly short story writing in Zimbabwe.
In short Tattered Cloth is the story of forbidden love, and a relationship that is doomed from the beginning. It is well told and almost seamless. The judges fell in love with the story and heaped praise upon praise on Violette Kee-Tui’s narrative skills. 
Previous winners of the Intwasa Short Story Competition, which has developed into Zimbabwe's leading writing competition, include 'amaBooks writers Thabisani Ndlovu, Bryony Rheam, Chaltone Tshabangu, Novuyo Rosa Tshuma and Bongani Ncube.

(Adapted from the ‘amaBooks blog)


(The following short story 2nd Prize in the WIN/GAT 2012 Short Story Writing Competition English language category)

Wife Used Husband To Carry Letter To Boyfriend
By Panashe Banda

Like any other policemen, I wore my cap to work everyday. Yesterday it somehow dropped, I don’t know how. I picked it up and I was about to put it on when I noticed a small piece of folded paper peeping out of a slit. Half of the other piece was still embedded in the folder. I was filled with deep suspicion and curiosity. The crumpled paper read, “My sweetheart Tau, how is your day, today…..boring because you didn’t come yesterday. Maybe my husband was overworking you. Reply please, your loving sweetheart Lucy.”
I was dumbfounded, my heart started beating violently, and anger choked me! My very own wife playing dirty tricks on me! With my best friend for that matter! I must do something straight away, I was saying this to myself. Set a thief to catch a thief as the saying goes. I took the note and pocketed it. I was burning with revenge. That word “revenge” came to my mind again and again. But something worried me, how can I return evil with evil? I couldn’t do what my best friend was doing with my best wife. His wife lived very far away in the rural areas.
I am a 26 year old father of two, married to Lucy my childhood sweetheart. Our love is of highest order, we are glued together. We are inseparable. Taurai Mhamha had warned me one day. His advice fell on deaf ears. The two of us are both policemen and Lucy stood by my side; come what man will never attract me. She assured me, “till death do us part,” I was saying this in return.
I could not have failed her. My wife is pretty, to put it mildly. I don’t know how I, a mere policeman managed to snatch her from other eligible bachelors. I nearly jumped sky high. I couldn’t believe it. The net was closed and the two big fish were caught. After work I invited Tau to my place as I always did. We had our supper the three of us at the same table like what Jesus did with Judas Iscariot.
I had promised Tau an interesting story as I had promised the same thing to Lucy. They had waited with patience for I always told them interesting stories. I looked at Lucy then at Tau. Both faces were waiting, Lucy lost patience and demanded to hear the story I had promised and I knew it was time to go for it. Though fear took hold of me, I made up my mind to take the plunger.
“Beware of sheep in wolf skins,” I started my story, none of the two got what I was driving at. ‘The Bible warned us, didn’t it.”
"O you and your Bible," Lucy snapped.
In spite of her interruption I continued, ‘I don’t know what to say when things are falling apart like this. The centre can’t hold".
I was now speaking like a possessed man. My listeners looked at each other like a calves mesmerized by a python as I gave them their letters. A graveyard silence followed. What should I have said? Silence comes by wisdom and shouting by nature.
I lifted my head and saw both faces telling the same story…….Trickles of tears, tears, tears even me too…….tear. Shame is worse than death.

(Copyright: Panashe Banda)


Thespians here is an opportunity to enjoy theatre at its best. There are two plays, When Angels Weep and Diamonds In His Son's Grave, which will be running at different venues and be there to cool off the Harare heat.

When Angels Weep, a play written by award-winning Blessing Hungwe, will run at RepsTheatre Upstairs from October 3 to 5. All shows will start at 7pm save for Saturday when the show starts at 2pm. That Hungwe is a gifted playwright is no deception as his plays, including the 2012 NAMA winning play Burn Mukwerekwere Burn (Best Theatrical Production), have during tours touched many hearts by their excellent handling of topical issues. When Angels Weep, directed by Giles Ramsay (UK) features a cast that will not disappoint: Michael Kudakwashe, Privilege Mutendera, Rumbidzai Karize, Blessing Hungwe, Patrick Tembo and Julius Julius.
Diamonds In His Son's Grave, written by veteran playwright Stephen Chifunyise, will run from October 10 to 20 at the Theatre In The Park. The shows will be held from 5pm daily.
According to the play's summary, while digging a grave for his late brother-in-law, Farai Mutero discovers diamonds. An urgent meeting is convened with his in-laws to inform them on their find. The family welcomes the news with loud cheers except the head of house, Chituro Zinyemba, who is also the Headman and spirit medium in the community. While pondering on their move, an unexpected visitor drops a bombshell that spells disaster for the family.
Diamnonds In His Son's Grave was directed by Eunice Tava and produced by Daves Guzha. It features actors Charles Matare, Tinashe Chirisa, Priscilla Mutendera, and Getrude Munhamo.


(The following short story won 2nd Prize in the WIN/GAT 2012 Short Story Writing Competition Shona Category)

Kuyambutsa Datya

By Supa Mafuta (above)

Manyimbiri akadzungudza musoro. Muitiro waMambo Kadehwe wakamukandisa mapfumo pasi. Kwete iye oga. Mutsitsa wavanhu waivapo pamusi wokusarudzwa kwemukuwasha wamambo wakaomesa mate mukanwa sekasipiti komumhare. Manyimbiri akamboti pada airota. Akazvitswinya pabvi ndokuona kuti izvi zvaitoitika. Tenzi vaive vorarira mutakura pasisina chembwa. Manyimbiri akadzokera kumba kwake iwo muromo uri mumhuno.
Chomusi uyu chaida kuzvionera woga mumhuno sefodya. Venhomba yenyama vakadzamara vangoiti tuzu, ko vaigodii iyo ichinge mazhanje akada zvawo kubereka? Iriwo doro kuripedza zvakakona n’anga murapwa achida. Vana Gararirimo nana Musiyadzasukwa vaive vagonerwa. Wakabva wava mutambo chaiwo wakakodzera kuitirwa pamuzinda pamambo.
Ngoma yakadandauka. Vanagwenyambira vakaita mashiripiti hosho dzichibvumira. Shasha dzekutamba dzakaita zvidavado. Hakuzonge kuzeya kwenhembe nemhapa. Mitambo yose kusanganisira ngororombe nemuchongoyo yakapfuurwa nemairi. Netuzwi setwekurira kwenyenze vakatsetsenura dzimbo hururu ichitunga gore
Zvokutamba, kudya nekunwa izvi zvakafadza asi kwaingova kuvaraidza zuva. Nguva yekusarudzwa kwemukuwasha wamambo ndiyo chiyo yaive yakamirirwa. Moyo yevazhinji yaisakahadzika kuti Manyimbiri ndiye aizowana mwana wamambo nyangwe zvazvo Manyimbiri aikwikwidzwa nedzimwe shasha mbiri dzaiti Nyamadzawo naGurundoro.
Vanhu vakachizoti pasi ware kugara. Nguva yokutaura yakasiirwa gurukota guru ramambo, Nyumbwiri. Nyumbwiri akapukuta dikita kumeso asati atanga kutaura achiti:
“Changamire mutekwatekwa, makurukota, machinda navose varipano pamusha pamambo, pamusoroi.” Varume vakati maoko bu bu bu kuombera. Mhururu mheterwa zvakanzi kwetsu. Nyumbwiri akazoenderera mberi oti, “Nhasi kwanga kuri kumakunya nguo chaiko. Tafara tikazvirega. Vamwe tange tichatotsemuka nhumbu nekudya. Tose tinoziva kuti kukwira gomo hupotera. Zvose zvaingunoitika izvi kwanga kurikuvavarira kusvika pane ino nguva inotapira seuchi hwemonga. Mutsva panyaya yacho hapana saka ini Nyumbwiri kuwanza mashoko bodo. Kuti dzipakate handi kunzi dziridze. Pangu ndasakura ndazunza. Zvino ndochisimudza vaChibwechitedza. Chirera nherera vezamu rakasisa zvaro nemukaka. Changamire Mutekwatekwa,  Mambo Kadehwe, bapiro rakabvumbamira isu hukwana."
Mambo Kadehwe vakasimuka  kubva pachigaro chavo choushe izvozvo dumbu ravo seratagutapadare richinge richanzvenzvera pasi. Muruoko rwerudyi, Mambo  Kadehwe aive akabata tsvimbo youmambo. Changamire vakati koso koso ndokuchizotangisa kutaura neravo gobvu izwi serehandira ino kuma mumakura. Mambo haana zvizhinji zvaakataura. Akatenda gurukota rake Nyumbwiri uyo waakabva adzosa nguva kwaari zvakare mushure mokunge ati:
“Kutapira mwana wangu  akombodza. Asvika panguva yokuti achibikira murume. Haangakombere munhanga senhanga. Pashoko rangu riya rakare handipinduki. Ndinopinduka pakuvata chete. Ndakagara ndadudza newangu muromo kuti pfuma bedzi yandinotarisira kubva kumukwasha ndihwo umhare, uhombarume nehuhurudza. Ini sababa handina kukodzera  kudoma mukuwasha. Ndingatozodaro chete kana kwenyu imi ruzhinji kusarudza kwapoya.”
Nguva zvayainge yadzoswa kwaari, Nyumbwiri akati:
"Mutambo uya zvino watsvuka ropa. Tasvika pamoyo chaipo penyaya saka ivo tete vaKutapira ngavachinotora zvavo Kutapira.” Nyumbwiri akatuma zvakare Machaya rimwe ramachinda  amambo kuti andotorawo Manyimbiri, Nyamadzawo naGurundoro. Panguva yese iyi Kutapira aive munhanga make navaranda vake vatatu vaiti Reriya, Chioniso naChipochedenga. Hana yaKutapira yaingoti dhi dhi dhi achifungisisa kuti ndiyani aizo sarudzwa nevanhu kuti iye agozova mukwenyi wake wemhezi dzokumusana. Avawo Manyimbiri, Nyamadzawo naGurundoro yaingova fungira mumoyo. Nyamadzawo aizvibvunza mubvunzo wokuti mambo haazoputsa here chirangano achizomubatisa pasi. Kana aivapo murume ainyatsotendeseka kuti aifanira kuwana Kutapira, murume uyu aiva  Manyimbiri. Manyimbiri , Nyamadzawo naGurundoro vakazongoerekana vaona Machaya ati ngori mumba mavaive vari. Aive auya neriya  shoko  raaive atumwa naro raNyumbwiri rokuti vakwikwidzi vatatu ava vachiuya kumutambo. Vanyayi vakandotorawo Kutapira.
Meso avanhu vazhinji akanzi pana Kutapira ji. Deno runako rwaidyiwa mumaoko rwaKutapira rwunofanirwa kuva rwaitapira. Muromo waKutapira wakanyatsokomberwa sejira ramambo. Iwo meso airangaridza nyenyedzi nyamatsatse. Mwana wamambo aive shongarunako.
 Kutarisa kwavanhu kwaiti kukabva  pana Kutapira kwoenda paive pamire Munyambiri, Nyamadzawo naGurundoro. Varume vatatu vaive vamire vakapakata mapfumo avo nyangwe zvazvo yaisava nguva yehondo. Pamakore iwayo kwaitonga kutaura kwokuti kuva murume kutamba nepfumo. Mhandu hayaizivikanwa nguva yayainyuka  saka kwaaienda munhurume aitakura pfumo.
“Zvino achanzi mukuwasha wamambo Kadehwe achabva pavarume vatatu ava,” akadaro Nyumbwiri achinongedza vakwikwidzi. Achingodaro chete vanhu vakati vatanga kushamatata vachikuza. Vamwe vaikuza Manyimbiri, vamwe Nyamadzawo uye vamwe vachikuza Gurundoro. Nyambwiri akadanidzira runyararo. Akazoti, “Izvi hatingangozviite chimvokochera nhaka yemakonzo. Zvotoita ndezvekudai, avo vanosarudza Manyimbiri vachandomira seri kwakeriya. Vanosarudza Nyamadzawo vachandomira seri kwaChioniso vasarudzi vaGurundoro ndivo vachandomira seri kwaChipochedenga. Varanda vatatu ava vaKutapira ngavachimira vakataramukana kuitira kuti vasarudzi musatsokonyedzane. Ini naMachaya tichaverenga vasarudzi vevakwikwidzi vatatu.”
Vasarudzi vaManyimbiri vakasvika churu nemazana mana. VaNyamadzawo vakasvika mazana matatu nevanhu vatatu pamusoro zvimwechetewo navaGurundoro. Zvakabva zvangojeka  kuti Manyimbiri ndiye aive pamoyo yevakawanda. Zvaisagodaro nei iye aive atungamira hondo dzakawanda achikunda. Pamusoro pazvo pakurima Manyimbiri aive shuramatongo. Mombe Manyimbiri aiva nerufaya zvekuti aitoronzera vakanga vasina.
“Changamire Mutekwatekwa,” akadaro Nyumbwiri kunaMambo Kadehwe. “Kusarudza kwevanhu venyu vamunotungamira kwasvika kwamvura yacheka makumbo. Chido chavazhinji chareva kuti Manyimbiri ndiye achauchira gusvi pamusha penyu. Zvino tisati tapira makotsi tichidzokera kumisha yedu nguva kwamuri ndinodzosa.”
Mambo Kadehwe akasimuka achizvikakanyadza sehoromba yebveni. Vaivepo vakati pada kwaive kufarira kuwanirwa mwana nemutsikapatinhira werume, Manyimbiri. Asi zvakazobuda kubva mumuromo mamambo zvakavasiya vaota sedehwe.
Semuitiro wake wenguva zhinji, Kadehwe akakosora asati atanga kutaura akati:
“Chokwadi vanhu vemunyika mangu munondikatyamadza . Maratidza kuti hamushuviri ini mambo wenyu raramo. Makanganwa here makore matatu adarika patakarwisana nehondo yemadzviti? Ini Kadehwe ndaive ndotoda kunyudzwa pfumo nerimwe zidzviti rokusviba zvokuti rikabata kacheche kanobva karara kachiti kwadoka. Asi Nyamadzawo akazoriti nenyundo nechapano pakati pomusoro ga richibva rati rabada, kutaura kudai ndingadai ndakadzikotsira dzamabweadziva dzisina zviroto. Zvino mukuwasha ndaizomuwana sei ini ndatsamira churu? Vanhu vangu rangarirai kuti pakutanga ndamboti, ini samambo hazviiti ndidome mukuwasha. Ndingatozongodaro chete kana imi veruzhinji kusarudza kwenyu kwapoya. Zvino dama rangu nokuvhara musasa nderiri, pano ndakuunganidzirai kuti muzvionere ndichipa Kutapira kunaNyamadzawo.” Mambo akabva agare zvake pasi.
Nezuva raitevera racho Kutapira aizenge achindoperekwa pamusha paNyamadzwo. Usiku hwemusi waunganira vanhu kusarudza mukuwasha wamambo Kutapira akandovata kwavatete vake vaNyaya achirairwa. VaNyaya vakatemera Kutapira nyora vachiti dzaiva nyora dzekuti asazogara ari ndonda. Kutapira haana kuziva kuti aiva atotemerwa nyora dzegona rokusabvarura machira.
Sokubuda kwazvo zvinonzi pamambakwedza kutapira ava nemazuva matatu achigara naNyamadzawo, akarota achiruma guvhu ra Nyamadzawo fume mangwana wanike Nyamadzawo chava chando. Zvakatozonzwikwa kun’anga kuti Nyamadzawo aive auraiwa neuroyi hwaKutapira. Achinzwa izvi Manyimbiri akatenda varikumhepo achiti:
Makandibvira nepi varere mumakomo?
Zvandakasvika pamutambo wokusarudzwa kwemukuwasha
Wamambo ndaiva ndaisa munyundwa ndichiti ndichakunda
Vadzimu vangu makarwa mumire semvumba
Rwenyu rudo nhasi rwandiita ndibire mhiri neraramo
Makabata moyo waKadehwe iye ndokundivirimira
Changamire havana kuziva kuti kukava datya kuriyambutsa.

(Copyright Supa Mafuta)

Editor's Note: Should anyone thinks any of the short stories we are publishing have inklings of plagiarism, feel free to notify us, as we may have overlooked plagiarised features. Plagiarism is a serious crime. Lets help our new writers. Thank you


The late Dambudzo Marechera Continues to Thrill

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