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25 October 2012

Invitation To Creative Writing Workgroup

Creative Writing Workgroup

 Petina Gappah, Special Guest Writer

Venue:  Book Café
Date:     Fri 26 October
Time:    10 am-12 noon

Pamberi Trust’s CREATIVE WRITING workgroup invites you and all writers to gather in an informal ‘open space’ at Book Café, to explore different writing styles, hear from others, and learn to use writing exercises to enhance your work.

This is intended as a monthly meet, and has already become popular following the two successful sessions in August and September which have been led by popular Zimbabwean writers Shimmer Chinodya and Petina Gappah.

The workgroup began following a USPAS workshop for women writers on creative writing by the visiting IOWA Writers group earlier in August during Book Fair week, where valuable skills and material where shared (Courtesy of US Embassy Harare).

The Special guest for the third meet is one of Zimbabwe's high profiled and best writers PETINA GAPPAH, who will join the fun and share some personal insights following up on September’s session.

 FREE - All writers welcome!

139 S.Machel Ave/6th St, Harare
Please feel free to invite others.

Extra-Blessings Kuchera

0864 406 6015

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