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06 August 2012

Our Nature To Transcend

WIN's natural tendency to always strive for the best and chase the race to the end has brought us this far, guided by your advice and above all, guided by the Giver of Talents. We are 'professionalising' our newsletter in an attempt to provide well- researched articles and news. We believe that our contributors, and target readers alike, are 'keynoters' of the e-newsletter, more so when we have successfully embraced our country's beloved cultural diversity. Some of you have been generous to comment on our strengths & shortcomings. We appreciate. We are proud of you. It is writers' nature to learn from constructive criticism. Meanwhile, we will be posting individual items on our blog as they happen.

Contributors to our e-newsletter are still welcome.

Grace and peace be unto you all,

Warm Regards,


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