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18 August 2012


Congratulations! Makorokoto! Amhlophe!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Winners of the 2012 WIN/GAT Short Story Writing Competition announced at the memorable writing skills training workshop on August 17 at the Music Centre, Mt Pleasant, are:

Shona Language Category

First Prize: 
Ali Simbi (Title of story: Kukurukura Hunge Wapotswa)

Second Prize:
Supa Mafuta (Title of story: Kuyambutsa Datya)

Third Prize:
Evelyn Chiradza (Title of Story: Zuva Randisingakanganwe)

Consolation Prize:
Justice Pardon Gondoto (Titleof Story: Rwendo Nebhazi)

English Language Category

First Prize:
Karen Maturure- (Title of story: Pandemonium)

Second Prize:
Panashe Banda (Titleof Story: Wife Used Husband To Carry Letter To Boyfriend)

Third Prize:
a) Anna Makore (Title Of Story: A World of My Own)
b) Portfer Gwengweni (Title of Story: A Wild Saturday To Recall)

Consolation Prize:
Freedom Gengezha (Title of Story: Rising Above The Mediocre)

 Junior Writer Prize:

Panashe Mushambi- Nettleton Primary School
(Title of Story: David, The Brave Young Man) 

Book Donations:

Two schools, Glen View 2 High and Bilaal Academy (Epworth), which participated in the competition and workshop, also received book donations.

WIN would like to congratulate the winners and thank all organizations (Zimbabwe Reads, Weaver Press, Global Arts Trust, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe-Harare Province) and individuals for their great support in different ways that made the event a memorable one. A detailed report will be featured in the next issue of the WIN Newsletter. 

We thank you all.


  1. Any Ndebele entries for the short story competition?

  2. I can not see the winners in the Ndebele section!