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04 December 2015

Our Newsletter Now Around The Corner...

At the just-ended LitFest Harare (November 26 -28, 2015) there were moments of both tense debate and humour. The photo above shows writer Memory Chirere reading a poem ‘Shamwari Yako Saru’ from his latest anthology Bhuku Risina Basa Nekuti Rakanyorwa Masikati while USA-based writer Barbara Mhangami-Ruwende (right), by virtue of sitting next to Chirere, could not run away from being the ‘Saru’ to whom this poem about her friend’s unusual ‘friendship’ is addressed! Chirere was asked to read from his anthology after the discussion of the topic “Should Writers be called simply Writers, Not African or Women Writers?” at the Gallery Delta. It was wonderful having you home Barbara. More news and images from Litfest and other events coming soon in our newsletter… thank you.

 Keep reading and writing! 


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