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25 November 2015

Gone to Soon Doctor

Dr. Vimbai Chivaura (above) passed on yesterday morning. He was captured here at a function held at the University of Zimbabwe where Prof. Robert Muponde was having a discussion with students about his new book 'Some Kinds of Childhood' which is basically literary criticism.

In the corridors of the University of Zimbabwe’s English Department I would meet you and you never missed a chance to educate. Even when I visited our writing mentors in the same department like Memory Chirere, Josephine Muganiwa and others, and you found me in their offices, you would make sure you equip me with some deep cultural and historical matters. I remember after Chirere introduced me to you, having also told you I am a journalist/writer, you would say after a strong lecture to me about any current cultural matter, “Ndimi ma journalists and creative writers, tell the truth!”. You indeed put into me a spirit of responsible writing and a certain love for the person that I am, that is, AFRICAN. I will miss your debates and wisdom. Rest in Peace our guru and writer. The nation at large will always remember your wise words – Beaven Tapureta (WIN Founder & Director)

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