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09 April 2014

The ZWA Meeting in Pictures: Writers' Families Reminisce

The meeting was held on Saturday, April 5, at the Centre for Applied Social Sciences (CASS) in Belgravia, Harare.

 Writer Memory Chirere and Jesesi Mungoshi, actress & wife of great wordsmith Charles Mungoshi discussing before the meeting

 Jesesi Mungoshi spoke at length about Charles Mungoshi's writing habits and his relationship with her from early days

Lexta Mafumhe Mutasa aka The Lexta Sensation, spoke about his father, Nobert Mutasa one of the masters of the Shona old world novels

The Lexta Sensation at ease

 Writers Shimmer Chinodya and Elvas Mari (also National Arts Council Executive Director) sharing a moment

 Writer Shumirai Nhanhanga stressing a point during open discussion while Chirere, who also was master of ceremony, listens

Writer and ZWA Chairperson Musaemura Zimunya

New writer and blogger Chipo Musikavanhu who closed the meeting with a short thankful speech

Group Photo of some of the writers who attended the meeting (from left), Shumirai Nhanhanga, Shimmer Chinodya, Musaemura Zimunya, Memory Chirere, Jesesi Mungoshi and Charles Mutyavaviri

WIN Newsletter, Issue No 76 coming soon...

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  1. Are you going to publish Mrs Mungoshi's interview? Should be interesting