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02 November 2010

WINZ Newsletter, Issue No 5


In everything, people want to win and no wonder the old adage goes like: No one enters a war without the will to win it. In whatever you write, make sure you win! It has been very exciting to witness the gradual and honest growth of our writers’ association. We have grown from a seed planted in January to a promising tree in which birds play and sing. Tribute goes to our members, colleagues and also our Board which supported us in all seasons. Not much did we do since our coming into the literary arena but each time we held an event it was special and refreshing and pointed to a better future. As a baby association in Zimbabwe, we also had our own difficulties and weaknesses but we did our best even when working from home. We have closed our calendar of events for the year 2010 but not our writing spirit; if anything demanding comes up we are ready to tackle it. However, the blog continues to run our stories and other stuff. Due to examinations going on in the Zimbabwean schools, it will be hard for students, those who affiliated to us, to attend writers’ events and therefore we take this opportunity to further plan for the future. We might, if the Board deems it necessary, close the year with a special get-together some time in December. I would love meeting all of you in Harare/Chitungwiza who bestowed such unconditional trust in Win-Zimbabwe. Bravo I say to you! Next year we will be branching to other provinces. I will be sending a postmortem report by post (others have received it already by email) to all our affiliates and colleagues so that you get to know what actually happened during our first year in the writing zone. Our activities were mainly foundational, no serious workshops or fully fledged literary discussions were held. Some times were very difficult, but you never got tired of our knocking on your doors. Our network continues to grow and it is by faith, and the mighty power of the pen, that we shall conquer. Yours Truly,
Beaven Tapureta

Producer Looking For Sitcom Script Writers

Producer Luke Rous is working on a re-commission of 26 episodes of the popular SABC 2 Setswana sitcom, Ga Re Dumele, and he’s specifically looking for Setswana writers. The writers should be willing to write in Setswana language and translate into English. They should also have experience in the sitcom genre. The sitcom is a proven show with a good following and it would look good on any writers’ CV. It is being head written by industry veteran and show creator, Martin Koboekae, and script edited by the Rous Brothers who have been responsible for such shows as City Ses'la (SABC 1), Askies (SABC 2) Ga Re Dumele (SABC 2), Jabba Time (SABC 1 - announced 2011).
Please feel free to send a sample of your work to Luke so that he can evaluate. His contact details are given below.

Luke Rous
072 210 1516
Executive Producer
Rous House Productions

Lion Press Republishes Albert Nyathi’s Anthology
By Beaven Tapureta

(Article first appeared on the Zimbo Jam )

Albert Nyathi

Echoes from Zimbabwe, an anthology written by Albert Nyathi, one of Zimbabwe’s accomplished dub poets and musician was re-worked by UK-based publisher, Lion Press, after the anthology was first published by Zimbabwe Publishing House in 2008 but it had to be kept in the warehouse because it had numerous mistakes.

The new version of Echoes from Zimbabwe (ISBN 978-0-9562422-5-9), wrapped in a colorful hard cover, carries the same poems as those in the initial ZPH version which include Nyathi’s popular poems such as My Daughter, Welcome to Zimbabwe, Thandi, and Senzeni Na? which is a title of a song on Nyathi’s 1994 debut album called For How Long? The anthology has also a section of photos taken while Nyathi performed in different countries such as Denmark and England and while he posed with different high-profile artists such as South African poet Mzwakhe Mbuli.

“Actually we collectively agreed to transfer the job from ZPH to Lion Press Ltd. The first version was hurried because I wanted to take the book with me on my European tour,” revealed Nyathi in an interview with The Zimbo Jam.
Lion Press hopes to launch the book in Harare in a few months time, according to Nyathi for whom the official launch of the anthology will signal the end of a long journey and the beginning of a new one, as the anthology will cater for people who would like to read his poems rather than only see him performing them.
Nyathi was born in Kafusi in Gwanda, Matabeleland North. He has traveled worldwide with his band Imbongi. So far he has done four musical CD’s namely For How long? (1994), Ngenkani (1998), Welcome to Zimbabwe – a Land of Contradictions - (2000), and Nozindaba - also known as My Daughter - (2004). In 2005 Nyathi produced a DVD called The World as We Dance Along, a collection of his live performances. The anthology will soon be available on

Trace the love a mother shows to her son

Trace the love a mother shows to her son
Sun burns truly shove down her tough pace
Case of the unknown father’s fierce plan
Done deal she says she is not willing to race

Her determined husband blisteringly drunk
Junk she tells him on the spot, right there
Where his responsibilities have sunk
Punk he is, he hardly gives love and care

Show him a little hated lovely mercy
Scarce his love, he has been so raw
Pour hot stuff on him then he is messy
Stacy his mistress gets him on her call

Mind games love plays them deeply
Steeply she admits he is one of a kind
Hind stories brought up HIPLY
Fairly they let go of love, they bind
Bind in quitting, take care of him kindly

Trevor Makonyonga, Harare


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