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08 June 2013

Passing Note Of Thanks

Beaven Tapureta, WIN Director & Founder

Since 2010, WIN has walked a two and half year journey with strength and vision, guided by principles of professionalism.  It however would be misleading to say the road has been or shall be smooth. Or without ‘potholes’ as one would say. Like a child dreamer, we have ducked the arrows of negation, parried the spears of difficult, trod on thorns of belittlement, listened to your advice and yet we have avoided small-mindedness and accepted our weaknesses. We have moved on, inspired by the rhapsodies of our motherland’s blooming literature. We have made friends. Although there may be little we have achieved so far, we know we have collectively done so with you. And there is still lot of work we love to do.  The next issue of our regular online publication, The WIN Newsletter, is definitely coming soon with more intriguing updates; we thank you for the patience and support. Stay afloat of all that you do, you authors are blessed with natural authority over the different spaces you occupy.

Best Regards



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