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30 November 2012

Tribute to Walter Muparutsa (1941-2012)

An extraordinary actor, theatre director and playwright, the late Walter Lambert Dehwe Muparutsa  sharing lighter times with his granddaughters and grandson

Walter loved dreamers who are doers; this is how he came to build a community of young people who wanted to leave a mark on the face of Zimbabwean arts landscape. We went to him as a source of knowledge and inspiration. Whether one was a musician, poet, sculptor, actor or anything, Walter had a place in his heart for all of us. With WIN, he saw  a great opportunity for him to rekindle the fire that had become dormant following the closure of the Rhodesian Literature Bureau some years back. As a former editorial officer of the Literature Bureau, he knew WIN had come to the right place at the right time. No formalities were needed to launch a partnership that saw WIN being given accommodation at Global Arts office in the CBD in 2011. He goaded WIN to ensure that our mother languages, which he dearly loved, are not lost. There will always and forever be this deep desire inside of us to carry on with the work that Walter endorsed and saw as necessary in the development of our nation’s literature. Reading, writing, and publishing. We owe it to this man who loved people, loved artists; the man whose sense of humor healed a broken heart, put a smile on the dogfaced, and fed the hungry, the man who brought hope to the troubled dreams of various young Zimbabwean actors, producers, directors and writers. His legacy is unquestionable. Memories of the moments he shared with each of the Zimbabwean artists out there are numerous and we have but only these echoes to stick to and push us forward. May his soul rest in peace. (WIN)


Some guests posing with the bust

On November 27, 2012, artists, diplomats, government officials, representatives of various organizations, friends and relatives, gathered at the Theatre in the Park, Harare, to witness the official unveiling of the late veteran actor Walter Lambert Dehwe Muparutsa sculpture done in his honor.
Minister of Education, Sport, Art and Culture David Coltart, the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe chairperson Dr. Chitepo and the Muparutsa family were some of the respected guests who spoke on this occasion before Harare City Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda officially unveiled the Walter Muparutsa bust.
This was a hallmark occasion to honor the great artist that Walter was to his own society. Later, there was the performance of ‘Protest’, a play written by Czech protest artist, Vaclav Havel, produced by Daves Guzha who also features in it as an actor with Obrian Mudyiwenyama.
This event, emceed by Ray Mawerera, was organized by Rooftop Promotions, supported by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Harare.

Art to art, the Walter Muparutsa statue


Daves Guzha (L) and Obrian Mudyiwenyama (R) in the play “Protest”

 (All photos courtesy of Tadiwa Muparutsa)

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful. Yes the Senator's works have been permanently immortalised!!