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04 March 2011

WINZ Newsletter, Issue No 13

We hope we find you well. Win-Zimbabwe this year enters its second year in existence and there is lots of work ahead of us. In a bid to instill writing practice in our members, we are looking for a voluntary regular writer for our blog under the new column "The Regular Writer". This is a new platform for students/student journalists to practice writing non-fiction. The successful columnist will feature in every issue of our newsletter and he/she can write about a genre he/she knows best. Send your enquiries to our contact. This month the world celebrates International Women’s Day, and in Harare there are events lined up just for you the writer. Don’t miss out! Check some of them below:


PAS invites you to attend next week’s Food for Thought (FFT) on March 8, 2011 
“Being a female writer in Zimbabwe” 
Presentation  by Ethel Irene Kabwato 
This program will be at 1500 at our Eastgate Mall, Public Affairs Section

Ethel Irene Kabwato

Ethel Irene Kabwato (pictured) was born in Mutare, Zimbabwe into a creative family and has won many prizes for her prose and poetry. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Media Studies with the Zimbabwe Open University. She participated in the British Council Crossing Borders Project in 2004.She has been invited to read her work at institutions such as Rhodes University and University of Witwatersrand, South Africa on the occasion of the World-Wide Reading for media freedom in Zimbabwe, 2007.Currently, she is working on a project called Slum Cinema, a voluntary initiative that seeks to empower disadvantaged communities through multi-media work. Her inspiration is derived from her two daughters, Nadia and Wynona.

(From the US Embassy, Public Affairs Section, Harare)

DEAR FRIENDS AND ART SUPPORTERSFirst Floor Gallery Harare has great pleasure of inviting you to attend Women and Art -- a special March masterclass to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women in Art in Zimbabwe.

The programme includes a presentation “Women & Art and Women in Art History — Role of Gender in Art” and a forum panel discussion with some of Zimbabwe’s most interesting women artists including special guest of honour Berry Bickle as well as upcoming stars of the younger generation Virginia Chihota and Portia Zvavahera.
Forum discussion: Issues for contemporary artists in Zimbabwe — Are women artists different? Should women artists be different? What can male artists learn from women artists? How can we move forward together to raise the profile and standard of Zimbabwean contemporary art?

Date: Tuesday 8 March 2011, 10am to 1pm
Location: Culture Fund Trust of Zimbabwe, 51 Harvey Brown Road, Milton, Harare
Attendance: Free, by RSVP, seating is limited: or 0775 709 031
Men: Very welcome!
Members of the Press: Welcome always!

Looking forward to welcoming you on March 8 and towards your contribution to a vibrant debate!

All the very best.

Team First Floor Gallery Harare!


Ndafunga Mapenzi
(Ode to Ignatius T Mabasa’s Shona novel Mapenzi)
Ndaiiudzwaka kuti Shona inobhowa
kubhowa senhabvu yemakudo
asika ndakazoona Mapenzi
yakandinakidza Shona
Ko nhasi uripiko iwe Shona

takazviita Mapenzi ndokutuka vamwe
eheka ivo vatakati Mapenzi
Benzi ndeane rake vanodaroka VaMabasa
Hanzi Mapenzi
koiwe hausi here

Ndafunga Mapenzi vehama
Hauzi benzi here shamwari?
iroka rinoti vamwe Mapenzi
asi iro ritori pamberi
kutaura chirungurutswa
kushora dare kutaura ndimi
ndimi pane  akwegura
haiwa ndafunga kure vehama
ndafunga Mapenzi rakandinyevenutsa.
Na James ‘Nyanduri’ Nyamajiwa


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