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11 August 2010


Writers International Network Zimbabwe (WIN-ZIMBABWE) wishes to congratulate and extend its support and assurance to all those writers who made it by affiliating to us on the two special occasions we have held so far this year. The writing spirit lives on.

Our inaugural writers’ meeting took place on May 8 in Harare and the response from writers was astounding. Monthly literary meetings had to be briefly stopped due to certain factors beyond our control but the organisation went ahead to participate in this year’s ZIBF Live Literature. Our one-hour programme called “Literary Treats” at the Live Literature Centre proved a big step in the right direction as the number of young, aspiring writers who affiliated to us on this day was overwhelming, motivating.

It remains within our faith that in Zimbabwe (as it GENERALLY was in Nigeria during the boom of the Pacesetters series), if you randomly throw a stone in any direction in any public place, the probability of hitting a writer is unbelievably high. Although publishing is normally an uphill task, almost everyone has a story to tell out of his or her creative imaginations. The writers we know are not all the writers of Zimbabwe, there are many others occulted under the bushel, which WIN ZIMBABWE, come high waters, will lift up to expose the talented scribes the country is waiting to be proud of. There is a sparkling group of writers undiscovered, a group within this current generation of our writers, a group that is continually growing towards the making a generation of its own. WIN ZIMBABWE will not leave them as orphans.

On a date soon to be announced, WIN ZIMBABWE, now duly registered as a writers’ organisation in terms of the Zimbabwean law, will conduct another important writers’ meeting that will set up a Harare/ Chitungwiza Cluster Committee, which will run the affairs of the Cluster. Now that a cluster has come into being, this is a proud phenomenal development as the launch of a committee will ensure smooth coordination and running of our writing activities within Harare and Chitungwiza.

WIN ZIMBABWE’s quest for an improved reading and writing culture is inexhaustible. Our will is to befriend forever writers who take writing as “a lifetime apprenticeship”, to support, promote new/young writers attempting NEW forms of fiction, poetry, short story and to bridge the gap among male and female, old and young, published and unpublished, urban and rural-based, locally and internationally based Zimbabwean writers.

The platform is still open to writers wishing to join us and take part in our future activities.

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Beaven Tapureta

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