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Writers International Network Zimbabwe (WINZIM) wishes to introduce its new executive team of voluntary administrators which became functional beginning this year (2018) and will, in a way, act as ‘the Advisory Board’. We will be updating roles soon. We are very grateful to the founding Board Members, who have continued to put weight behind WINZIM even though some have so far resigned due to various circumstances. Two of our long-time volunteers, at some point actual office bearers, Tawanda Kandenga and Moira Marangwanda, are still committed with us. And USA-based Zimbabwean writer Emmanuel Sigauke, who is one of the founding Board members, is now the Chairperson of this newly introduced executive. We thank our new Team and all our members for showing such deep passion for the development of Zimbabwean literature. And to everyone, not forgetting the important readers, thank you for continuing to be our friends and if there is anything you wish to communicate, free feel to write to us. Below is the full team of WINZIM voluntary executive administrators.

Emmanuel Sigauke (Chairperson)

Professor Emmanuel Sigauke started writing at the age of thirteen. From then on he has followed his dream and is one of the leading writers in contemporary Zimbabwean literature. He teaches English and Creative Writing at the Cosumnes River College in Sacramento (USA), where he is one of the editors of the Cosumnes River Journal. Prof Sigauke is also an editor. He is involved in various literary initiatives including Writivism for which he is a judge,  mentor, and advisory editor. He has published poetry and short stories in journals and magazines in Zimbabwe, Ireland and the United States, and he edits the Munyori Literary Journal. His publications include the poetry collection Forever Let Me Go (2008, PublishAmerica), the 2016 NAMA-nominated Mukoma’s Marriage and Other Stories (Booklove Publishers, Gweru, Zimbabwe). Sigauke has been with WINZIM since its formation in 2010.

Mudikani Gondora

Mudikani Gondora, aka BlackLegend, is a young poet. Art is her life and poetry her passion, she says. BlackLegend discovered herself as a poet some years ago, with a vision to inspire and change lives because she believes in “the power of words to transform, heal, and enlighten lives”. Through her poetry performances, she has gained great artistic experience and always wants to learn more. With her friends, she is currently working on an anthology of poems and essays on different issues affecting people in the 21st century. BlackLegend says, “I am in this journey of art to walk it and live it to the fullest.” Her Facebook page is Mudikani Gondora de Poet.

Aleck Kaposa

Aleck Kaposa is a teacher, journalist, writer who has won several prizes for writing since his days at Ellis Robins School. He holds diplomas in teaching and training and has taught at both primary and secondary levels. He is the author of the following books: Essential Steps – An ‘O’ level English Language Examination Guide (2012), A Bag of Memories (2013) which is a collection of short stories, and children’s literature such as The Big Yellow Train, There Was A Fly, After The Rain (poetry), and The Magician which earned him his second NAMA Award Nomination in the Outstanding Children BOOK category. This was his second appearance at the NAMA Awards. In 2008, Kaposa’s The New Voices Magazine was nominated for the Outstanding First Creative Published Work NAMA award. He has written articles, short stories and poems for several local media outlets. Kaposa is the Principal and Director of a private school, Norton Education Centre.

Stella Chegovo

Stella Chegovo is a Christian author. Her debut book is titled The Source, a useful tool for the youth ministry. She has some works yet to be published. Chegovo is multi-talented. Apart from being an author, she is a cake-baker, fashion designer, events décor specialist, a buyer and a Pastor.  She holds a certificate in Business Administration (LCCI) and is currently studying for Diploma in Human Resources Management (IPMZ.

Tawanda Kandenga

Tawanda Godfrey Kandenga is an aspiring writer and holds an Honors Degree in Development Studies (Bindura University of Science Education). Kandenga was an intern in WINZIM from September 2013 to June 2014. He has been with us since then as a Voluntary Assistant Administrator.  

Moira Marangwanda

Moira Marangwanda is an award-winning Copywriter who is passionate about creative writing. She has written a few plays, poems, and short stories that are still to be published. She recently started a blog called Momo's Ramblings  and is very excited about it. She joined WIN in July 2012 as a member and has been with us since then as a Voluntary Assistant Administrator.

Vine Ziwane

Vine Ziwane loves fiction writing and poetry. He also has studied Journalism and Media at a local college. His talent in creative writing began to show when he was still in primary school. His yet to be published first novel started unfolding when he was doing Form Four. To date, he has written many works of fiction which he hopes to publish soon.

Beaven Tapureta (Founder and Director)

Beaven Tapureta is a NAMA award winning arts (literary) journalist, editor, poet and fiction writer. He runs a weekly column Bookshelf in a local newspaper, focusing on Zimbabwean literature. His literary articles and book reviews have appeared on various websites and blogs such as Munyori Literary Journal, which was founded by Prof Emmanuel Sigauke, and in other local newspapers. Tapureta was contributing editor of the Writers Scroll, which was the official newsletter for BWAZ (now defunct)  and his other works have also appeared in anthologies such as State of the Nation: Contemporary Zimbabwean Poetry (edited by Tinashe Mushakavanhu and David Nettleinham, published by The Conversation Press, UK, 2009), African Roar (StoryTime, 2009, S Africa) in which he has a story titled Cost of Courage and in the African-Chinese poetry anthology No Serenity Here (World Knowledge Foundation, 2010) in which he has several poems.

 “Unclipping Wings of the Imagination”

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