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27 March 2015

Dear Our Readers, Friends & Members

Memories that spur us onward...(in the picture with the Director is our Board Chair Mrs. J Muganiwa holding the NAMA trophy)

I hope this note finds you well wherever you are. We understand we have sort of kept you waiting, especially regarding the WIN Newsletter or updating our news. We are also beginning to miss it! The frequency with which we are updating new material onto our blog has slowed down due to some adjustments happening on our side. I am glad to say we are almost settling down after we moved office out of town to cut down costs. Soon as we have completed the transformational touches to our internal affairs, we will be bringing timely news and updates. In the background, we know that our members are resilient and moving on. We say to you, ‘Keep reading and writing’. Let me also take this opportunity to encourage members to pay up their 2015 subscriptions to help us also pay up our 2015 associate subscriptions to literary organisations where WIN is a member. Donations or new members are welcome. A quick reminder to WIN members, either paid up or not, please get in touch on 0774548466 should you wish to join our WIN WhatsApp Group where you can easily get closer to us and meet fellow members who are daily writing and reading and sharing their poetic or literary passions and creations and giving instant honest feedback to each other. The group is planning to regularly produce a short magazine of poems shared with the group and so get in touch and sail with the others.

We thank you all for your support.

Beaven Tapureta

Founder & Director 

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