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18 February 2015

The Gong Is Now Home!

Mrs. Josephine Muganiwa, WIN-Zim Board Chairperson, with the gong which WIN won for being Outstanding Online Media at the just-ended 14th NAMA Awards.

The following is a message from her:

Thus far the Lord has taken us! From 2010 to 2015 it has been an incredible journey. WINZ is grateful to all writers in the various genres (literary, music, theatre, motivational) because you have made us. This is our Award for the networking that has taken place in the past five years. We would like to encourage all authors to keep writing in all the languages of Zimbabwe; write without fear and your people will listen. Experiment with form and style, WINZ offers the platform. WINZ also thanks funding partners who have kept us afloat in this environment. These include the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, Zimbabwe Reads, Gloabl Arts Trust, AUWENNA Arts, and all the individuals who have donated money, time, venues, and all necessary support to us. May the Lord richly bless you and enable you to continue walking with us in the next lap. Thank you.


WIN Newsletter, Issue No 86 coming soon... 


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