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08 January 2015

Keep Moving, Sigauke Tells WIN

USA-based Zimbabwean writer and poet Emmanuel Sigauke having a feel of the Doris Lessing Collection at the Harare City Library this morning

WIN-Zimbabwe is starting the year with a bang! US-based Zimbabwean writer Emmanuel Sigauke, who also sits on the WIN Advisory Board, is in Harare and raring to meet our members and possibly briefly workshop them on the short story.   

Paid-up members will soon be updated with more information regarding this session with the author of a poetry collection 'Forever Let Me Go' and the latest short story collection 'Mukoma's Marriage and Other Stories'. Sigauke runs an active literary website Munyori Literary Journal which is "a Zimbabwean-American literary platform that features works from global writers and artists". He has also featured in a large number of local and international journals and anthologies.

Sigauke today,  January 8, visited the Harare City Library where he enjoyed a moment in the company of the Doris Lessing Collection which was established late last year. He then visited the WIN office along Kaguvi Street and left us more strengthened as he encouraged WIN to keep moving despite challenges. 

“I like what WIN is doing, keep moving,” he commended and he also thanked our voluntary administrative assistant Moira Marangwanda for all that she is doing for the association. 

Thank you Sigauke, we are happy to have you home!

 Sigauke browsing through one of Lessing's treasures at the HCL

  The vision is un-sinkable: Sigauke with WIN Director and writer Beaven Tapureta at the HCL 

 Feeling the future of WIN: Sigauke inside the 'budding' WIN office

WIN Newsletter, Issue No 84, the first for 2015, is around the corner...

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