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02 December 2014

LitFest Harare In Pictures

Writers Shimmer Chinodya and Ignitius Mabasa share a lighter moment during a break from the LitFest Harare discussions at the Harare City Library on Nov 29

Litfest Harare is a newly hatched literature festival which ran from November 27 to 29 at three different places (Book Cafe, University of Zimbabwe and Harare City Library). WIN captured this new literature festival in images and we hope you will enjoy. More detailed news about this and other stories will be in our newsletter coming soon. We are grateful for the patience you have for our newsletter. Thank you.

Kenyan academic Tom Odhiambo (right) in a discussion with UK-based Zim writer Stanley Nyamfukudza at the Book Cafe on November 27 in the evening

Sithandazile Dube performing her poetry soon after the Book Cafe conversation

Dube in action

Writer Ignitius T Mabasa speaking at the University of Zimbabwe where a discussion of the topic 'Writing and Reading: Are They Mutually Exclusive?' was taking place.

UZ Lecturer and writer David Mungoshi anchored the discussion

Literary critic and lecturer, Robert Muponde (left) had so much to give to the students

Part of the audience at the UZ

Sekai Nzenza, a writer and columnist, speaks during the UZ discussion

Zukiswa Wanner was also among panelists at the UZ

Poet Chirikure Chirikure performed two of his Shona poems at the UZ event

Writer Nozipo Maraire speaking at the Harare City Library session

Nyamfukudza  contributing during open discussion 

It was wonderful to have respected critic and academic Kizito Muchemwa during LitFest Harare

Well known spoken word artistCynthia Marangwanda aka 'Flowchyld' making a contribution. She has also just published her debut novella called 'Shards'

Robert Muponde (right) in conversation with writer Valerie Tagwira (left) at the HCL

Poet Michael Mabwe (far right) moderated the conversation between Muponde and Tagwira

Eddingtone Hatitongwe (above) and Zaza Muchemwa (below) in a dramatic reading of one of Chenjerai Hove's novels

Michael Banda reading his poem at the HCL event

Comrades: (from left) Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Shimmer Chinodya and Chirikure Chirikure who is also the Director of LitFest Harare

Poet Theresa Muchemwa captured here as she followed proceedings at the HCL

Isabella Matambanadzo handled the discussion under the topic 'Literature in a Nation in Transition'

Zukiswa Wanner presenting at one of the HCL sessions

Murray McCartney of Weaver Press, a local publisher, makes his point during open discussion

Theatre from Almasi Collaborative Arts

Nyamfukudza also spent time with the new generation of writers that he used to mentor before he left for the UK. FROM LEFT: Nyamfukudza, Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Lawrence Hoba and Mbizo Chirasha

Susannah Cowen, grand-daughter of the late great writer Doris Lessing speaking before the handover of Lessing book collection to the Harare City Library on November 29 in the evening. This event happened at the HCL after the late afternoon discussion

Harare City Library Chairperson Mike Curling goes through a few copies of Lessing's books handed over to him by the Lessing family

Dr. Angeline Kamba (left), a passionate cultural educationist, discusses with a member of the team in charge of Lessing book collection before she (Dr. Kamba) cut the ribbon to mark the launch of the Doris Lessing Collection

Some books from Lessing collection lie on the table for people to see. The whole collection found a new home in the HCL spacious computer lab which had to be fitted with bookshelves to accommodate Lessing's 3000 books.

Mbizo Chirasha 'The Black Poet' is overjoyed to touch and pore over Lessing's books

An autographed copy of a book belonging to the Lessing collection

Browyn Jones happy to breath the Lessing inspiration.

Jones samples a few paragraphs from one of Doris Lessing's works



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