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04 August 2014

2014 ZIBF Harare Literary Evening in Pictures

August 1, 2014 at the Book CAFE

Debra Vakira, author of 'A Struggle Alike', talked about what inspired her to write the story. Later, she read from her book.

Ketina Muringaniza reading from her book 'Zviuya Hazviwanani' which at some point was made a school set-book. She said she wrote the book when she had just married and the stories she heard from other married young women inspired her to write the book. The story in 'Zviuya Hazviwanani' reveals the contradictions between a mother-in-law and her two daughters-in-law.

It was writer Colette Choto Mutangadura, author of newly released 'Kusara Kunze Huona' (ZWW) who hit the indigenous language issue on the head. Mutangadura demanded that indigenous languages be used in every sphere of Zimbabwean people's lives.

Mbuya Mutangadura reading from her book 'Kusara Kunze Huona'

Lexta Mafumhe Mutasa, son of the late celebrated master of the Shona historical novel Nobert Mafumhe Mutasa, reading gripping passages from his father's novel 'Mapatya'.

Lexta Mutasa

'The Whistling Poet' Tinashe 'Mutumwapavi' Muchuri spiced the readings with some Shona poetry.

Writer Memory Chirere also gave a well-polished reading of some poems from his new anthology 'Bhuku Risina Basa (Nokuti Rakanyorwa Masikati)'. Unfortunately, the WIN Team arrived a bit late to capture him. The Literary Evening was emceed by writer David Mungoshi. We hope you enjoyed. Thank you.

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