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10 December 2013

2013 WIN Short Story Competition Shortlist Released

Renowned writer Memory Chirere (pictured above) who judged the 2013 WIN Short Story Competition

WIN-Zimbabwe wishes to announce this year's Short Story Competition shortlist in the Senior and Junior categories. Three winners will be drawn from each of the three sections which are outlined below. We say congratulations to the shortlisted writers! 


English Language

1. The Family Wedding by Tatenda Mavungo Alexio
2. The Bundle of Joy by Mercy Dhliwayo
3. Hollow Sands by Jane Nyamandwe Tendesayi
4. It Never Rains by Nosta Kumbewu
5. Paranoia by Tatenda Godfrey Kandenga

Shona Language

1. Bwanyanhekwe by Kudakwashe Chinyani
2. Munombozvitorerei? by Elijah Mahwamba
3. Kamuraramiro by Handsome Madzonga
4. Dambudzo by Trymore Tichafa Paraiwa
5. Nil

(English and Shona Combined)

1. Enormous Snake by Zakaria Ganyaupfu
2. Nomsa, My Wicked Little Sister by Panashe Mushambi
3. Vamwe Vanoti Chikwambo Ko Iwe by Kundai Teera
4. Nguruve Yakazvikanga by Evelyn Chiradza
5. The Shy Woman by Panashe Mushambi

Chirere Supports WIN-Zimbabwe's Workshop Re-structuring

Renowned author Memory Chirere who adjudicated last year and this year's editions of the WIN Short Story Competition made important observations that tally well with WIN's plan to re-structure its writing skills training workshops for members next year. 

 Chirere's 2013 report put weight behind WIN's plan to include novel writing in the writing skills training workshop scheduled for 2014.

"There were numerous entries pretending to be  short stories but one can tell that these are extracts from novels. This is all because writers' organizations don't seem to think that novel writing could be an issue that can be tackled at the level of a workshop," said the experienced short story writer.

He observed that lack of novel writing in most writers' workshops is serious and yet these  novel writing workshops are necessary and they can be done in series. Chirere said this is the reason why Zimbabwean novelists tend to be self-taught and they succeed through constant falling and rising.

"Novel writing workshops ended with the likes of the Literature Bureau," he said.

Still with Zimbabwean literary evolution that started in the 50's in mind, Chirere also observed that a few short stories have been written in Shona language and he encouraged short story writers to write in Shona and also Ndebele languages.

In the WIN Short Story Competition, there were more entries in English language than in Shona.

Tudikidiki, Chirere's NAMA Award winning collection of Shona short stories, stands out as one of the few recognizable works of that genre in the past ten years.

Zimbabwe Women Writers, formed in the early 90's, has made tremendous effort in encouraging short stories in local languages by publishing Masimba (2003) and Totanga Patsva (2005) which went on to win a NAMA Award in 2006.

Mazambuko, a short story anthology published by Weaver Press (Harare), is a Shona translation of the English stories taken from various books published by the same publisher. The translation was done by celebrated writers Charles Mungoshi and Musaemura Zimunya. 

Again, a gap in Shona short stories necessitated the translation.

Chirere, in his report, also advised WIN to take up play/script writing workshop for its members.

"Another area that is neglected is the writing of plays. Most theatre organizations dwell on workshops around directing, casting and acting. As a result, Theatre In the Park, for instance, has staged plays many of which have been authored by a single playwright. Therefore there is need for more play writing workshops," he said.

In the latest issue of its Newsletter, WIN announced that it has postponed the 2013 writing skills training workshop which follows up the short story competition. The workshop, says WIN, will now be held next year to include novel writing.



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