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26 October 2013

Public Statement


 The late renowned actor Walter Lambert Muparutsa who overwhelmingly supported WIN-Zimbabwe and gave it space in his office in 2011

Harare (October 26, 2013) - There is nothing so bad as parting with one’s friends. One seems so forlorn without them (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen).
Indeed nothing ever dents the memories of a good friendship.

This is so as WIN-Zimbabwe will, at the end of this month, move from the office it has been sharing with Global Arts Trust for two and half years. This comes after a two-month notice was issued at the beginning of September by property owners.

According to WIN founder and director, Beaven Tapureta, WIN has not yet found a new address to operate from but there are chances that it won’t be long before a new space is found.

“Our moving is in good faith as this eviction notice has also affected our partner Global Arts Trust. However, we are grateful for the love extended to us during our stay at 168 Chinhoyi Street courtesy of the late Walter Muparutsa. We appeal to our members and stakeholders to be patient until we find proper accommodation,” said Tapureta, adding that WIN’s new address will be announced in due course. 

Tapureta said his association will always cherish the moments it shared with partner Global Arts Trust. He said although they are moving, WIN will, where possible, engage GAT in proper programme-based partnership.

“WIN will not leave GAT out of the Epworth Community Outreach Programme which we recently launched,” he said.

In April 2011 WIN entered into a gentleman’s agreement with the late Global Arts Trust Director, Walter L Muparutsa, who was also prominent as an award-winning television, radio, film and theatre actor, to be accommodated at the office until WIN becomes financially stable.

Muparutsa's dream was to assist new writers in adapting their works for film or stage so as to generate more rewards and broaden perspectives.

Over the period that WIN has shared the office with GAT, the writers’ association moved from strength to strength. 
The devastating moment only came when Walter passed on in April 2012. WIN felt the agony of loss but also celebrated his legacy at close range, like a child picked up from the streets and brought to a proper home by a man whose love and understanding of the arts was beyond grasp, a man who would leave untimely. 

Not only did the office help WIN members who found it easy to communicate with staff, but also artists, especially actors affiliated to GAT, who felt they are in a right place for a right reason.

WIN-Zimbabwe was formed in 2010 “to create an effective network of fellowship among published and unpublished Zimbabwean writers, whether they are in or outside the country and to network with other African writers’ organizations, publishers, groups and individuals with a consensus to advance local literary discourse which will benefit new writing talent in Zimbabwe”.

Walter presenting at one of WIN events held at the Book Cafe (old location)

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