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02 June 2012


Writers International Network Zimbabwe (WIN)
In partnership with
Global Arts Trust


Short Story Writing Competition & Workshop

Entries are being invited from unpublished writers for a short story writing competition which will build up to a writers’ workshop to be held in August, 2012. Top three entries in Shona and English categories will receive book prizes while participants in the competition will have an opportunity to take part in the August follow-up workshop. The aim of the competition is to encourage creativity and originality, and to assess the skills of unpublished short story writers. The follow-up workshop will cater for the needs assessed in the competition. Details of the workshop will be communicated to those who will have entered the competition via email, phone, or our official blog.

Submission Guidelines:

§  Entries must be in Shona or English language
§  Entries must be 2000 or less words
§  One story per person
§  Entries should bear author’s full contact details such as email, phone number, and address
§  Entries may be used during the follow-up workshop by facilitator/s
§  Anyone participating in the competition must be a paid-up member of WIN and be able to attend the workshop in Harare
§  There is no set theme
§  Winners will be announced and rewarded at the workshop
§  Closing Date for competition is Friday, July 20, 2012.

It’s simple...To take part in the competition, register your membership with WIN; to get in the crucial workshop, get in the competition first!

Send your entry to:  WIN/GLOBAL ARTS Trust, 168 Chnhoyi Street, Harare. Or email: For more information, please feel free to call 0774548466

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