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03 October 2011

Dr. Charles Mungoshi Seeks Assistance to Self-Publish Latest Novel

By WINZ Staff Writer

Dr. Charles Mungoshi

Recuperating from an illness that almost derailed his long-standing writing career, Dr. Charles Mungoshi will not give up as the renowned author is appealing to well-wishers for assistance to publish his latest novel Branching Streams Flow in the Dark.

The major setback that has stalled self-publication of the novel has been high printing costs reigning in the country.

If published, the novel will enlarge Dr. Mungoshi’s excellent literary output that has so far made him a living icon of Zimbabwean literature.

Born in Chivhu in 1947, Dr. Mungoshi’s writing talent was discovered by his teachers at All Saints and Daramombe Primary School who then encouraged him to skip Standard 2.  Some of his highest achievements include the Honorable Mention for the NOMA Award of Publishing in Africa for his book “Some Kinds of Wounds” in 1980, Commonwealth Writers Prize Africa Region for “The Setting Sun and the Rolling World” in 1988, and the National Arts Merit Awards Silver Jubilee.

In recognition of his literary ingenuity and huge contribution to the development of local literature in Shona and English language, the University of Zimbabwe, a first in local literary history, honored Dr. Mungoshi with an honorary degree some few years ago.  Dr. Mungoshi has seven books (the highest number of entries) in the Zimbabwe’s Best 75 Books of the century project and one book in the Africa’s 100Best Books of the 20th Century.

In addition to holding different posts at international institutions such as UNESCO, the British Council, and the USIS (United States Information Services), Dr. Mungoshi was also writer-in-residence at the University of Zimbabwe, University of Durban, and visiting lecturer at the Center for African Studies (University of Florida).

His writing overshot boundaries to include editing, translation and other genres such as television scripts and poetry, making him an irresistible model for local aspiring writers who will be excited to hear of his latest novel.  Dr. Mungoshi is admired by readers for tackling socio-cultural issues with a touch of magical irony. In the 80’s and 90’s, his books were studied in schools alongside other classical works by writers such as Stanley Nyamfukudza, Modekai Hamutyinei, Dambudzo Marechera, Solomon Mutsvairo and others.

Overall, Dr. Mungoshi has more than ten highly acclaimed works in different genres, in Shona and English.
Those who want to help can contact Jesesi Mungoshi (+263 774 054 341, +263 773 616 247, +263 772 634 918), email or .


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