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15 May 2011

WINZ Newsletter, Issue No 21

“Inspiring African Children's Literature”

Dear Friend 
It is a pleasure to announce the ongoing Golden Baobab Prize, a literary award that annually invites entries of unpublished African-inspired stories written for an audience of ages 8-11 years or 12-15 years.  The mission of the Golden Baobab Prize is to identify the African literary giants of the next generation and produce classic stories that will be appreciated for years to come.
This year the prize will award $1,000 to the best story in the junior category as well as the senior category and $800 to the most promising young writer (18 years and below). Beyond that, the Golden Baobab Prize offers to connect outstanding stories with African and international publishers. The Prize is open to African citizens of all ages. Deadline for submission is June 20, 2011.

The Golden Baobab is here to change the face of African literature, as we know it! We are counting on your support in achieving this vision.

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Deborah Ahenkorah
Co-Founder & Executive Director 



Tinashe ‘Mutumwapavi’ Muchuri

BOOK LAUNCH: Author Reminisces Past Harsh Life Conditions
The month of May is normally associated with International Mothers Day. The world over people pay tribute to the great work that mothers do in preserving and nurturing the life of their families. Motherhood is appreciated and celebrated.

As for Dr. Patson Dzamara, founder and president of Off the Hook Group, nothing could suffice more than launching his new motivational book The Winning Team: Symbiotic Effect in honour of his mother.
Dr Dzamara decided to appreciate the efforts made by his mother in bringing him up in the middle of difficulties. It was an emotional book launch that brought tears to the author’s father and mother (Mrs Benhilda Dzamara) as their son narrated all that he remembered about the hardships he faced as he grew up.

“My mother is a farmer. She grows cotton, tomatoes and mangoes.  We have 47 trees of mangoes at our home. When I was 16 I experienced something I will never forget. As usual, mother was getting ready to sell her produce at the market in the city. She asked me to accompany her. Together with other farmers in the area we loaded our stuff in a big truck. I was waiting, hoping that another smaller truck would come to take us to the market. That was not to be the case. We were going to ride on top of the overloaded produce. I cried. I made up my mind and promised myself that I would go further than my parents,” said Dzamara as tears flowed down his cheeks.
Speaker after speaker praised The Winning Team: Symbiotic Effect as an original, inspirational book that will change many people’s visions in life.
Mr Shepherd Mavuso Dhlamini, World Vision Northern Regional Manager, said, “The first time Dzamara came and talked to my staff I said, mupfana, dai Mwari vasina kukuwana waipenga (Young man, if God had not shown mercy on you, you would have been lost). Misdirected intelligent persons end up being notorious robbers or rebels, but you, Dzamara, have chosen to direct your energy towards the right things. This is commendable.”
Arthur Marara believes that The Winning Team: Symbiotic Effect ‘is a seed that will give birth to more books’. “Books are not about money but about reaching out,” said Marara, urging new writers not to give up.

Dr. Patson Dzamara’s mentor, Dr. Mugaviri, said, “Many people live and die without expressing their voices. They imitate others. But in The Winning Team,   Dzamara says, ‘I have a voice.’  Choose career path that God created for you. This book will dispel the superstition that says success is criminal, that we should not share with other people because we may share with a witch and be killed. Say no to that. You cannot succeed alone. Remember that God is a team. We were created by a team.”
The launch took place on May 8 2011 at the Crown Plaza Monomotapa in the Great Indaba Room which is known for its spirited discussions on books during Zimbabwe International Book Fair. 
Dr. Dzamara is an educationist, a life coach, a motivational speaker, an author, a counsellor, a management and leadership consultant and firm believer in Christ. The Winning Team: Symbiotic Effect was published by Off the Hook Publishers, a non-profit organisation which is comprised of five organisations involved in various emancipation initiatives.


A Sack of Maize
By Hosea Tokwe

A sack of maize
There it leans
A testimony of that year of toil
When we laboured but in vain

To the fields we went
Sweating, our hopes high
The rains drenching us everyday

Then in our hearts we cursed
Silent bitterness
Our uncultured tongues
Spat venom
As we frowned at every droplet
That brought life
Now heaven’s doors
Have closed for good
With awe we watch
The dry, fading life in our fields
And only a sack of maize we harvested this year
The bowels groan in protest
Once again hunger returns
And we have none but ourselves to blame

Coming next:

Echoes from the official launch of our 2011 seven-month Program/Culture Week Celebration held on May 14 2011
at the popular Book Cafe, Harare.

Best of best echoes from the hills of art!

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