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15 September 2010

WINZ Newsletter, Issue 1

Writers International Network Zimbabwe is proud to bring the opening issue of its informative and entertaining e-newsletter WINZ Newsletter, which will be posted on a regular basis on this blog. Our hope is that WINZ Newsletter will later on be available in print form, to our local members and literature students who have no access to cyberspace.


Malinga in serious poetic business during WINZ Literary Treats, ZIBF 2010

By Beaven Tapureta

Charlotte Godo

Charlotte Godo’s latest booklet of poems Your Story Must Change [ISBN 978-0-797-4-3968-9] published by Veriest Solutions International this year, conjures up images of humanity in dire need of change, motivation and ultimate happiness.

The booklet is described on the front cover as “inspirational prose” but one would further simply call it ‘Christian Poetry’. It makes sense, however, to respond to any literary work in an intelligent way possible, for this is a literary habit critical to the growth of literature.

Your Story Must Change is a compilation of 16 motivational pieces dealing with various social and spiritual issues.

Godo’s language is simple but the inherent impact lives longer. Jesus used poetry to make sure people understood the gospel.

In the poems, Godo rebukes hypocrisy and greed but she goes ahead to offer words of encouragement for the distressed, the lonely. The poems assert the human will to soldier on despite the contradicting forces in the world.

This is a book to read when you are down, feeling lonely and thinking there is no one caring about your situation.

The publisher, Veriest Solutions International, has more than twenty books of the same form on its stable, including Matters of Life by Sympathy Sibanda.

In a show of solidarity, Veriest Solutions International also took part in Win-Zimbabwe’s Literary Treats, a programme that successfully ran at the 2010 ZIBF Live Literature Centre.

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