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24 May 2010

Call for Submissions from WIN-Zimbabwe

Writers International Network-Zimbabwe proudly announces the launch of its new official blog. Here you shall find more about us, and our running activities.

Apart from our own official material which we shall put on the blog, we welcome contributions (in all languages spoken in Zimbabwe) dealing with aspects of spoken word/African oratory, writing, reading, and books.

Guidelines to contributions:

Material should be send by email to

It should be original, or its source acknowledged.

Full name as well as complete contact details of writer should be included. (Photo is an added advantage). The name of the writer should be provided even when a nom-de-plume is used.

The Editor retains the right to: (a) accept or reject material (b)edit material to be published (c) request that the writer edit material, either before or after acceptance (d) choose the particular issue in which accepted work is published.

There is no payment for contributions; all is done in the interest of developing and highlighting Zimbabwean literature.


Beaven Tapureta.

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