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24 September 2016

Art Possesses Mother And Daughter

From left: O’Neal Maisiri, a student and budding artist, writer Ethel Kabwato who had come to support her daughter Wynona Mutisi posing beside her

This year’s St Johns Emerald High School Art Exhibition in Harare was exciting. The exhibition, held last week at the school under the theme “Sac de Melange” (A Mixed Bag), aimed “to instill confidence in the students, develop and cultivate the ability to analyze, interpret and solve situations related to different areas of art”. WIN-Zimbabwe online media team managed to visit the exhibition before it came to an end and talked to the organizing students. It was highly interesting to discover that one of the organizing students Wynona Mutisi, an upper six student, is the daughter of a gifted writer Ethel Kabwato. Wynona is an amazing artist and had her paintings on display also. There is a story there! 

A student admires some of the works at the exhibition


16 September 2016

Remembering Yvonne Vera

The late great Zimbabwean writer Yvonne Vera

'Writers do not die...but mutate...'

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