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31 July 2014

2014 ZIBF: Thursday, July 31


Well done: Mimi Machakaire poses with her new book 'Princess Gangster' recently published by BookLove and made available for the first time at this year's ZIBF. Machakaire also writes for the Youth Perspective column in our WIN Newsletter.

Princess Gangster on display at the BookLove stand.

 Writer Emmanuel Sigauke 

BookLove also unveiled other books including Emmanuel Sigauke's new collection of short stories Mukoma's Marriage and Other Stories. Congratulations Sigauke, we hope to imbibe 'the Chisiya Hill spirit' from this collection!

A writerly smile: Clever Simbarashe Kavenga, a writer and journalist, smiles as he holds for the first time his new and second children's book 'Kare Kare Kwazvo' published by Mambo Press last month. The book was unveiled today at the Book Fair. His first book is titled 'Mashiripiti Edehwe Rarungano'.

The Children's Reading Tent

Dorothy Dyer from FunDza Literacy Trust (South Africa) reads a poem 'Sometimes when it Rains' by Gcina Hlope. The session was meant to motivate students to write poems about every day experiences.

Some sessions were fully packed with teenagers

A student reads her poem in a writing skills training session
 AmaBooks is in Town

Students enjoying a discussion with Brian Jones of Bulawayo-based publisher AmaBooks

Zimbabwe Women Writers Unveils New Titles

ZWW new publications: A Struggle Alike by Debra Vakira, Revai by Ropafadzo Mupunga and Kusara Kunze Huona by Colette Choto Mutangadura. Some of the books were also unveiled today at the Book Fair.

Students enjoy books at the ZWW stand


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30 July 2014

Teenagers and Reading

Reading Made Easy For Teenagers

In these hectic times, getting teens to read involves a lot of effort unless it is reading for educational purposes. Normally this age-group would want some “adventure”, commonly known as “swag” in street lingo, in the things they choose to embark on outside their educational parameters. Unlike music and movies, reading for pleasure seems to be a no comfort zone for some teens. However, technology, despite being a threat to the traditional book form, has brought on new ways to make reading an enjoyable experience to young people.

25 July 2014

Epworth Community Outreach Follow-Up Visits

The meetings with writers’ clubs are brief follow-ups aimed to encourage the aspiring writers to actually write and to update them on WIN Outreach Programme in Epworth. The visits, however, are expected to include other clubs outside Epworth as well.

(Young Africa Academy)

WIN's first session took place at Young Africa Academy where club members interacted with the WIN Director on the outreach's progress. The club submitted a number of poems for assessment. Some of the members also read their works.


The club members at Domboramwari Primary School treated the visiting guests to a touching collaborative performance of their poems 'Garai Tibike' and 'Musha Wedu weEpworth'

Brenda Nkoma, Grade 6, reciting a poem

Nirvanna Shumba, also in Grade 6, reciting her poem

Mbuya Nyaradzo (real name Nyaradzo Charama), a storyteller, entertains the young club members after which she asked questions and three pupils who correctly answered the questions went home each with a book provided by WIN

Domboramwari Primary Writers Club posing with their patron, the Epworth branch chairperson Supa Mafuta who is also an unpublished writer and Mbuya Nyaradzo

(Bilaal Islamic Academy)

Bilaal Writers Club members attentively listening. Panashe Banda, a club member, read his short story which won a prize in WIN's inaugural 2012 Short Story Writing Competition. Supa Mafuta also spoke about how reading has helped him as a budding writer.

Poet, writer and journalist Tinashe Muchuri will soon earn himself another stage name 'The Whistling Poet'. Known as Mutumwapavi in the poetry circles, he was captured here whistling as part of his performance of a Shona poem called 'Ibhinya' which is also featured in an anthology called 'Mudengu Munei'. Whistling has become part of his intro whenever he is performing. After the session, club members could be heard mimicking his whistling style.

Bilaal Writers Club posing with Mbuya Nyaradzo and Club Patron Mr. Gondoto. Mbuya Nyaradzo thrilled the club members with her storytelling.


Muguta club members enjoying the session.Muguta also took the opportunity to hand over their collection of poetry for assessment.

One of the poets at Muguta reading his poem

Students pose with Lexta Mafumhe Mutasa (left), Mr. Muvindi the Club Patron (center) and Supa Mafuta (right) who is the Chairperson of the Epworth Branch of WIN-Zimbabwe

(From left) Lexta Mutasa, WIN Director Beaven Tapureta and club patron Mr. Muvindi after the session at Muguta Secondary School.

Mutasa, an actor, writer and poet mesmerised the club members with his mouth-watering Shona language and poetry. He did his poems "Africa Is Not''Vacho' and 'Anga Akanaka' He also talked about his experience as a writer and how his father, the late renowned writer Norbert Mafumhe Mutasa, influenced him. In the photo, he is hugged by writers club members who just got inspired by his gift of Shona language.


EMA Writers' Club members had the the privilege of sampling a few poems from well-known writer/poet Memory Chirere (in the picture, standing next to Mr. Dube wearing a pink shirt) who read from his forthcoming Shona poety collection Bhuku Risina Basa (Nokuti Rakanyorwa Masikati). 

(From left): Supa Mafuta, Mr. L Dube (Club Patron), Memory Chirere and Mrs. Zimhamba (Principal) after the session

Meanwhile, our writers' club visits have taken a break to make way for the Zimbabwe International Book Fair which is starting on Monday, July 28. We will resume soon afterwards. WIN would like to thank our guests of honour Mbuya Nyaradzo, Memory Chirere, Tinashe Muchuri, Lexta Mutasa for taking the time to be with our new writers. You really inspire. Stay blessed.

Let's go to the BOOK FAIR!

19 July 2014

WIN-Zimbabwe visiting writers' clubs

Raring to Go: Young Africa Writers’ Club

WIN-Zimbabwe has embarked on school writers’ clubs visits meant to motivate the young writers and engage in open discussion of writing issues commonly met at the budding writing stage. Meanwhile, the itinerary will include all schools falling under the Epworth Community Outreach Programme and other school writers’ club within Harare affiliated to WIN. Our first stop was at Young Africa in Overspill, Epworth, on Thursday afternoon, July 17 and the picture above shows the club posing after the interactive meeting. 

WIN Newsletter, No 79 coming soon...


09 July 2014

Focus on Emmanuel Sigauke

The Chisiya Hill
(Picture courtesy of E. Sigauke)

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